The difference between the X-Gripp Plus and the normal X-Gripp series is the steel we use. For the Plus series we only use high-alloyed molybdenum steel. Furthermore, every Screwdriver of the Plus series has a hexagon nut to generate more torque.

Our X-Gripp series stands out because of its functional and ergonomic design.

It is cylindrical. But why?

Because it is easier for you to torque down and loosen the screw.

It has a big soft-component part with an additional hash key structure. But why?

To provide the best torque transfer possible when using our X-Gripp Series.

It has a hole in the handle. But why?

This has two reasons: Firstly, the hole can be used to easily hang them up in your workshop.
Secondly, you can stick another screwdriver through it, to generate even more torque. You can be sure that our screwdrivers will survive it – but we cannot guarantee that the screw does.

The VDE series is an additional product based on our X-Gripp series.

If you’re experienced in working with electricity, you know that the VDE stands for highest expectations while working with power.

Our X-Gripp VDE screwdrivers are tested along the DIN EN 60900 specifications and undergo a test up to 10.000 Volts over ten seconds. These tests are documented consistently by us.

The only difference between the X-Pro and the X-Gripp lays in the components used producing it. The X-Gripp has two components, while the X-Pro, the basic version, has only one component.

Besides that, they are both the same – having the same advantages and quality.

Our X-Pro VDE is the basic version of the X-Gripp VDE series.

Same as X-Pro, the X-Pro VDE is produced out of only one component but with the same quality.

The popular evergreen of our portfolio. Produced out of beechwood topped with leather.

The blade is going through the entire handle which gives you the opportunity to use it not only as a screwdriver.

In German the word “quer” means across. Nowadays, the X-Quer is a standard tool in every well-assorted toolbox.

With the cross handle you are able to transmit a high amount of torque, which is sometimes necessary in case the screw is not easy to loosen.